Own and Control your Genetics Data!

Harness the power of genetics using AgBoost tool to visualize and make selective breeding decisons.

How it works

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We provide livestock producers an affordable, easy-to-use, dynamic management tool that allows for better access to, and understanding of, genomic and production information.

Once you, as the producer, determine the end of goal of an animal terminal, maternal, or all-purpose we use the information from genetic samples to compile and organize what will help you make informed decisions for the health and wealth of your herd. Knowledge of your animals’ true potential allows you to choose the right options for breeding, nutrition, and other sound management practices without accruing unnecessary costs.

The AgBoost platform takes the genetic information provided from your animals and analyzes each unique profile in order to provide you with easily understandable data. This data gives you the power to keep a sustainable herd that continues to perform and produce successfully that can be utilized in conjunction with within-herd production data.