Is Data-Driven Breeding the Future of Animal Agriculture?

Livestock producers today are increasingly leaning towards making data-driven decisions to ensure optimal performance, productivity, and profitability. Nearly $6.7 billion has been invested in agricultural technology between 2016 and 2021. Thus, technology platforms harnessing raw data to supply information about effective breeding choices, livestock management, and marketability, are in popular demand today.

Data-driven software can revolutionize the animal agriculture industry if adopted and utilized effectively. The brilliance of data-driven agriculture lies in the fact that it provides key insights about what your animals need, and how their needs can be met without compromising on industry standards and profits.

AgBoost offers next-generation data management technology to help livestock producers make intelligent decisions for their animals based on key datasets. This article serves to highlight how data-driven breeding can shape the future of animal agriculture. Keep reading to learn more!

How Can Data-Driven Breeding Shape Animal Agriculture?

Improves Overall Animal Care

Everybody involved in animal agriculture strives to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of the animals they work with on a daily basis. Livestock producers are constantly searching for ways to understand and improve animal health and welfare.

Data-driven management technology tracks the lifecycle of a specific animal and provides multiple data points for each animal. The data recorded can provide insight into a specific animal’s or a herd’s behavioral patterns, their food preferences, optimal rest cycles, and more. It could also help with the early detection of medical complications and notify producers about any signs of growing trouble they need to be on the lookout for.

Livestock producers and other industry professionals can skillfully interpret simplified data produced by data-driven breeding technologies to their benefit. They can optimize animal health by regulating a herd’s eating patterns, removing environmental hazards that could be stinting animal growth and welfare, and providing a more profound understanding of animal genomics.

Data-driven breeding ensures that livestock producers make well-informed decisions based on logic and facts to improve animal welfare, care, and management.

Increases Farm Profits

With more and more innovative solutions hitting the market, the quality and quantity of available data has grown significantly. Data-driven animal agriculture provides precise and relevant insight regarding your breeding and management practices.

By looking at the available data, producers can determine which breeding practices provide optimal results and which ones don’t. Data-driven algorithms can also help you determine how you can tweak some of your practices and decision-making to ensure better results.

With this information on hand, you can reallocate labor and resources to replicate the practices that work and simultaneously work towards optimizing the rest of your operations. Data-driven breeding can thus make it easier for you to achieve your target profits.

Not only does it have a tangible impact on your breeding practices, but it also highlights key areas for resource reallocation. In doing so, it helps you save on unnecessary expenditure and ensures that the capital you have is being put to effective use.

Helps Achieve Sustainability & Transparency Goals

These days, people and governments alike insist on educating themselves on animal welfare and the environmental effects of animal agriculture. People are particular about their food choices and want to know if the animal-based products they consume are ethically produced and sourced.

This means that animal agriculture experts should slowly shift towards a more transparent and sustainable working model. Having accurate data on hand not only improves the efficiency of your operations but it also lets end customers learn and understand how animals are monitored and managed through the course of their lives.

Data-driven breeding technologies can help ensure an improved quality of life for livestock and guide producers towards more innovative and cost-effective methods of breeding, management, and marketing. With the right and relevant data, you can also identify key areas of your business that have the potential to cause environmental harm, and implement solutions to ensure a well-balanced organizational rhythm.

How Can AgBoost Help?

At AgBoost, we strive to provide transformative data solutions to help livestock producers worldwide increase their productivity, performance, and profits. Our technology can help you identify key trends, events, and correlations amongst specific datasets. It can also help you appropriately estimate values and risks associated with specific breeding or management decisions.

We believe that producers who embrace data-driven decision-making are paving the way towards a fruitful and sustainable future for the industry. Accurate and relevant data can optimize your genetic potential and ensure that you save on developmental costs and cycles. Data-driven technologies can also streamline the animal selection process by helping you find animals that meet your budget.

AgBoost offers all the tools you can need to obtain accurate data to fuel future decision-making. Our Breeding Suggestions algorithm is designed to recommend optimal mating patterns between different breeds on your farm, while our Genetic Analysis technology presents complicated DNA data in simple and comprehensive ways.

Our Sire Link software helps you closely monitor a herd sire and their progeny for generations. It can also help you avoid inbreeding and determine your top performing animals. If you’re looking for technology that simplifies herd data tracking, our Herd Management Software can help you. AgBoost also offers a publicly available Marketplace to our customers, where they can list and sell their products, services, animals, and more to the public.

If you’re looking for effective data-driven solutions to optimize livestock breeding and management, get in touch with our team of experts at AgBoost.

Livestock producers worldwide use AgBoost’s next-generation livestock data management technology platforms to enable selective breeding, management, and marketing decisions for animals based on genetics, performance, health, nutrition data, and other key datasets. If you’re gearing towards investing in a data-driven agricultural future, take a look at what we offer you. You can also sign up with us for free! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. You can call us at 405-400-8200 or contact us online